Bethany Baptist Church

Hal Baker, pastor/singer from Clinton, Arkansas led the singing, Sunday morning, and sang Pastor Bob’s favorite song, “Beulah Land.” The “Baker Bunch” had stopped by for a visit and fortunately was able to lead the singing in the absence of Dan Stillings, the regular song leader.

Dan Stillings had an emergency appendectomy done early Saturday morning in Springfield and was not able to be at church. For that reason and for her own minor health issue, Dan’s mother, Norma Stillings, was also out of church, Sunday morning.

There were a few other people out for health reasons, but God had been merciful and there was a spirit of gratitude for that mercy and prayer was made for a speedy recovery for all concerned.

A thought from one of Pastor Bob Sorensen’s devotions can give us hope as we face a new year. To those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, there is promised “an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you.” Our hearts erupt with praise for Him when we consider His abundant goodness in our lives. Where would we be without Him? We would be lost, separated from God, strangers to His goodness, and doomed to an eternity of deserved wrath in the fires of hell. Instead, we are on our way to Heaven. Gratitude and praise should flow from our lips for the great mercy we have been shown, the forgiveness we have been given, and the future we have been promised.