Bethany Baptist Church

Jim and Ruby Corder returned to their home Sunday afternoon from a trip to Indiana to visit a new great grandson.

We enjoy having Sally Sorensen home from Pensacola Christian College for Christmas. Last week was finals week and we know that she will glad to have a break from all the studying.

The ladies met for their Bible Study, Friday, December 11. They have been looking closely at Genesis chapters one and two. The plan is to study further just to see what the Bible says about creation and compare that to what science says about origins.

The church had its annual Christmas Party this Friday, December 18 at the home of Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen, Friday evening. Those who attended were asked to bring a side dish or a dessert that goes along with chili and sandwiches.

Trevor Martin, church planter to Montana, was with us Wednesday, December 9 for the evening prayer meeting and brought a short, but dynamic message. He spoke again Sunday morning teaching the adult Sunday school class and preaching at 11:00. His wife could not be with us having just had a baby in November. Trevor also sang one special song and accompanied himself on the guitar.

One of the messages he brought was from Psalm 37:23-25 and Romans 12:1 on “How To Know God’s Will.”

Trevor noted that in the statement, “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,” the qualifying phrase is, “a good man.” God is all powerful and omniscient and can bring people to his service, but we have to have the will to serve God. We can choose to serve God or we may choose to serve self. Romans 12:1 casts light upon “How” we go about doing God’s will. We must present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Now a sacrifice costs something and when you offer a sacrifice you don’t keep back part of it. Now it takes trust and faith in God to lay our all on the altar. We may not be able to see how God will provide until we take that step of faith. But when we do put all things into the hands of God, we will find peace in being where God wants us.

The church enjoyed the Annual Soup and Pie Christmas Fellowship and a gift exchange Sunday evening. The Jubilee Singers presented a program of Christmas music afterward. Pastor Bob brought this message from Matthew chapter 2 on “Wise Men Still Seek Him.”

There still remains one more Christmas tradition at Bethany Baptist Church, Wednesday evening, the annual “Name That Tune” service will focus on fun. Then some folks will travel to be with family and friends or entertain family and friends over the Christmas week. So we say, “Merry Christmas” to all, be safe, and don’t forget the Christ of Christmas.