Happy Home Church

The morning service began with Bro. Mac greeting all with a good morning. We had many prayer requests made and prayer was given by Bro. John. We had the pledges to the flags and to the Bible. We sang for Jesus and gathered the gifts for Sunday school. Our classes began with Bro. Bob greeting all. He brought the lesson from Romans 15:1-13. It was a good lesson with class comments and discussion. The young ones gathered the Coins for Christ. We sang for the Lord some great hymns, which is a blessing in itself. We gathered the gifts for the Lord with Bro. Mac blessing them. We had specials from Sister Sharron. Bro. John and Sister Carla sang together. All did a great job. God has blessed us with some good singers.

God has also blessed us with everything we need in one way or another. We thank him for it all the time. He is a great God.

Bro. Gregg began with some good comments. In his comments he asked us what was the theme song from hell? “I Did It My Way” was the answer. I like the Christian theme song better, “Read The Bible And Pray.” Bro. Gregg opened with prayer and gave us a good message from the Lord. The title of our message today was “I Witness.” Bro. Gregg used I John 5:5-12. We then had a song with altar prayer. Bro. Bob then dismissed us with prayer and blessed the food we were about to enjoy.

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner today. We had a good attendance for the gathering. I am sure we all added a pound or two. Ha, ha.

Our prayer circle began our evening service. Our circle was small, but God was there. We had many prayer requests. Prayer was led by Sister Juanita. We sang for the Lord. We had some specials from Sister Juanita, Sister Peggy and “The Group”. Bro. Charles blessed us with a song also.

Bro. Gregg brought the message and use Isaiah 8:11-14. It was a good message from the Lord. We had a song and was dismissed with prayer from Sister Patsy. It was a good day in the Lord.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.