Goodhope News

Last Weeks News – What an awesome service we had starting from gathering in the sanctuary to hearing great music and having prayer before going to our Sunday school classes.

Senior adult class was led by Bro. Jerry Hawkins. We had a very interesting lesson with very good discussion. Our lesson was on God Makes No Distinction.

Sanctuary was filling with people for worship service as Bro. David Lafferty went to the piano and I on organ and Bro. Curly Rawlings on guitar. Bro. Curly and daughter, DeeVala Miles, along with the congregation did opening song. Musicians continued playing the same song as everyone shook hands and welcomed one another to worship service. As music continued the children were given their baskets for the penny march.

Bro. Matt Jenkins went forward to say the announcements and pray over all prayer requests.

The congregation joined in singing from the hymn books then Susie Adams went forward to sing a special song with c.d., which was very good. Bro. Curly sang a special and played guitar.

Ushers came forward to receive God’s tithes and offerings. We then went forth in prayer to bless the tithes and offerings.

Bro. Matt turned service over to Pastor David Welsh. He chose from God’s word Jeremiah 4:1-7, “When silence becomes sin.” Also Joel 2:12-13, “God doesn’t want left overs, he wants all your heart.” It was a very annointed message. At the close of service, David Lafferty on piano and I on the organ did the invitational music. Souls were responding to the Holy Spirit by praying at the altar. As we did closing song hands were up praising and giving thanks to God.

After service some of the ladies gathered in the fellowship hall and prepared boxes for the “Shoe Box Project.” Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch and enjoyed good fellowship.

As we gathered in the sanctuary for Sunday night service, we enjoyed good singing and testimonies. Bro. David Welsh preached from Isaiah 43:1-7, “When you pass through the waters I will be with you.”

One day last week Granny and Pappy had quite a surprise, there was a knock at their door and when they opened the door there stood Pappy’s son, Kenny, and Audi from Florida. Also one day I took Granny to the doctor in Springfield then went by Granny’s brother, Vencene and Della Ann’s for lunch.

Psalm 27:14, “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strenghten thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord.”

This Weeks News – Our Pastor Bro. David Welsh is on vacation for two weeks. I didn’t got to Sunday school this Sunday. I’m sure the senior adult class had a good lesson with discussion. The lesson was titled “From Derbe to Phillipi” from scripture Matthew 8:1-20 and Acts 16:1-15. Pauline said before class began they had prayer.

Lots of people are out for deer season. Our worship service began with some music and Bro. Matt Jenkins read announcements about upcoming events and prayed over all prayer requests. The congregation did the opening song after Bro. Matt said “Good morning and welcomed everyone to God’s house.” While music played everyone shook hands and made each other welcome.

We all sang from hymnals with Bro. David Lafferty on piano and me on organ. Music continued as children did their penny march. Ushers came forward to receive God’s tithes and offerings. Bro. Mark Davis said prayer over tithes and offerings. Miss Susie Adams did our special and did a beautiful job.

Since our pastor is on vacation, the young people presented a skit as a cd played, portraying if you have a terminal illness, being bullied, in domestic violence turn to Jesus. He’s there to help you through whatever you’re going through. Kimberly Stillings read a story and some scripture before the skit was presented. Katie David was the one with a terminal illness, Kimbery Stillings and Matt Jenkins played the domestic violence, Natalie Jenkins and Clare Stillings played the bullying part, Mark David played Jesus. Danny Davis and Braxton Swearengin were the soldiers who made Jesus carry the cross. They all did an awesome job and brought forth a great message. Reach out to Jesus, he’s there to help you. The Holy Spirit was ever present.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner after service. We had a lot of good food and good fellowship. We certainly have some good cooks.

Sunday night we had lots of singing and then a “God bless you” service. Someone gives a testimony then says “God bless you” and then calls on someone else. We had lots and lots of good testimonies.

You’re always welcome at Goodhope General Baptist Church to attend all our services.