Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello to everyone from here on the mountain. We had a great day at church yesterday. I started off the week-end with my grandkids, Braxton and Alexis coming to stay with us for the weekend. Rilee, and Logan came down Saturday afternoon for a while and they all played together. It is so good to have them all here and playing together. Then Sunday morning we got up fixed Braxton’s favorite breakfast, egg sandwiches, (which by the way is  also one of his dad’s favorite), and  then off to church we went.

I have been helping with the Christmas play so Jeanee is teaching the little kids class, Braxton told me that he wanted me for his teacher. That made me feel good, but I explained that I needed to do something else and that I needed him to help the teacher with the younger kids. He was a big help, we copied some dot to dot and he took them to church for all the kids to do.

We are going to start practicing on Wednesday nights for our play, it seems like it should be too soon, but it’s not, we have a lot to get done. Our youth sang a special Sunday and our little ones including my grandkids sang. Bud, Jon and I also sang a special.

After church we went home and fixed lunch for Shawn, Miranda and the kids. Sunday night back to church for another good service. We always look forward to our Sunday night song service, we pull out songs we don’t know very well, or new songs and start trying to learn them. Someone called out the number of a new song this week and we really like the words of these song. It talks about a lady given the news that her time has come and she may not have long to live and her family is sad. She tells them not to be because she had family on both sides. We like the meaning of this song, and it’s our song to practice and learn for now. We know that God sure inspires these song writers when they write words to some amazing songs. Besty Conrad and Francis Hampton are good to come up with songs for us to learn, so we look forward to see what song they find next.

Now I want to make sure everyone knows that this Sunday, Nov. 15 is our Thanksgiving dinner right after church. There was a little confusion as to when the third Sunday was and Francis and I have to admit that Bud was right and we were wrong. That does happen once in a blue moon. Haha. But anyway, we did finally get the date correct and want to make sure the word gets around to everyone and the house is full of people ready to give thanks to God for all He has done for them, not just this month, but every day.

As I say good-bye for this time, I want to say a special hello to my brother and sister-in-law, Adrian and Wanda. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like to, as they live so far away. Also to my brother-in-law, Lawrence, and uncle Galen, Happy Thanksgiving. Know I am thinking of you. They love to read the Douglas County Herald and catch up on all the news from friends and family.

So for now, God bless each and every one of you.