Dogwood Ramblings

Do you know what Sharia law is? Have you inquired? If Muslim activists ever get this into law in our nation especially with our leadership more than welcoming 10,000 more Muslim “immigrants” here, here is an idea of what they will demand. All pork products will be eliminated (can you imagine the impact on farmers?) Women will be required to completely cover themselves except their eyes and hands, so can you imagine the young women here tolerating that? Education will be limited, the Quaran (Koran) being taught (as they are doing in some schools already) and we know very young children are impressionable. Just for a chuckle, can you imagine Hillary wearing a burka? The Koran legitimizes and encourages non-believers to either accept and praise Allah or be slaughtered, as is being done in many countries. Think about this. Forget political correctness and adhere to the Ten Commandments and the teachings of our Lord.

A few of we ladies went from Dogwood to a soup exchange last Saturday. Each lady brought homemade soup, some frozen, to taste and to exchange so that everyone had soup to take home. Of course, the appetizer table was covered with veggies, crackers, cheese, fruit, etc. In December many of us will be attending a cookie doings. Each lady bakes her specialty and brings enough so that each person can take home a container of these specialties. Of course, the visiting is always good.

We had a different event at Mass on Sunday. The priest, Fr. Mark Le, is from Viet Nam. He quickly let us know that English is his second language. He received many responses to questions and we understood about 95% of what he was saying. It was interesting.

I got to have a quick visit with Ivan Lawson. And, my phone has been kept busy with calls from out of this area. One was from a lady in California looking for a tree trimmer in this area and she had been given the wrong number. A medical trip to Springfield went well and there was lunch at Ruby Tuesday (wonderful salad bar). I even had a whispering call from the woods letting me know where the hunter was just in case there were to be an accident.

Don’t forget to honor our veterans and military, not just on one day set aside.