Bethany Baptist Church

The Ladies Bible Study group met Friday afternoon to continue their study in Genesis on the creation week. They plan to meet again Friday, December 11.

Evangelist, Travis Shaner, and his wife, Lora, were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday. They serve with Revival Fires Ministries. Lora sings specials and accompanies herself at the piano. Together they make a fine team in service of the Lord. Travis used Genesis 13:9-12 as his text on accidental influences that were not intended.

We would think that Lot should have learned from his uncle Abram that faith and obedience to the Lord brings many blessings. But what had Lot seen that caused him to fail in his own life so badly. Right after God had made great promises to Abram, we read that Abram fled to Egypt because of a famine. Lot saw Abram take matters into his own hands to provide for his family. Abram also asked his wife to say that she was his sister because he was afraid he might be killed because she was so beautiful. Sarai and Lot each saw that for Abram ethics could be dictated by circumstances. Many of the problems that have plagued the family of Abram ever since, came because of that lack of faith and obedience. What kind of influence do we have in what we allow in our lives?

The church had its Thanksgiving Dinner at noon after the morning services. There was turkey, ham, and all the good food that we associate with Thanksgiving.

Travis brought a message on thanksgiving in the 1:00 p.m. service. We are commanded to give thanks for all things always. We have so many good things from God that we should be grateful.

The church will have the 5th Sunday Fellowship Supper next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Pastor Bob Sorensen asked everyone to bring a side dish that goes along with pulled pork. There will be a service of testimonies and special songs at 6:00 p.m.