Bethany Baptist Church

The ladies met Friday afternoon at 1:15 for their Bible Study in Genesis on Creation. They plan to meet again this Friday to continue that study. They always take time to pray for the concerns that are brought up.

Norma Stillings drove to Rocky Ridge Nursing Home, Monday afternoon to play the piano and sing. She played and sang some traditional folk songs, as well as, hymns. The residents sing along on the familiar songs and say that they enjoy them.

Pastor Bob was given a specially marked cup for his service as a police officer and Darlene was given a gift for having been the wife of a police officer. The church had also purchased a cup for their son, Luke Sorensen, who is a sheriff’s deputy in Arkansas. We always pray for wisdom and safety for our law enforcement personnel.

We have several persons who have made doctor visits for one reason or the other. We also have people who are traveling long distances for other reasons. We need to keep praying for traveling mercy for each one.

Sunday, November 22, Bethany Baptist Church will have its “Thanksgiving Dinner” at noon in the fellowship hall. Travis and Lora Shaner of Revival Fires Ministries will be with us in the morning services. Travis will be the guest speaker in the adult Sunday school class and in the 11:00 a.m. service. There will be a service at 1:00 p.m. after the dinner and no service in the evening.

Norma Stillings sang a special song, Sunday morning before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Colossians 1:13-22 on the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things.

The writer of Colossians speaking of Jesus Christ says that all things that exist were created by him and for him. Jesus as part of the Godhead not only created all things, but he sustains all things by the word of his power. This whole universe is kept together by God. This passage of scripture also says that all things are reconciled by him. Sin separated man from God. That sin had to be dealt with. Jesus himself paid the penalty for all sin. So that which was lost in Eden when Adam sinned is gained back through Jesus blood. Because of that reconciliation, we can stand before God as holy and without blame in his sight.

There are none of us who can claim to be without blemish in our natural state, but when we have been cleansed by our faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, we have a new position in Christ. Christ alone has the power and authority to deliver us from the power of darkness and present us holy.