“That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without and that ye may have lack of nothing,” I Thess. 4:12.

Monday, Noel Scott visited with us.

Thursday, Gary and I went to Long Run to visit with Uncle Rayford Clayton.

Friday, I visited a few minutes with Charles and Pam Stokes at Thornfield. After that I went on to the Theodosia area and visited with Kenerd, Norma and Belinda Lawrence and had supper with them.

I watched the moon eclipse Sunday night. I can’t say it looked any different than I saw it back in 1982 when T.J. and I watched it. This eclipse was early at night. How thankful I am that God gave me eyes to see His wonders.

When you have a minute, spend it in prayer thanking God for what He has done for you whether it be good or bad. God’s grace is great. There is strength through prayer. There is peace through prayer. Thank God I’m living here in the United States of America, in Missouri.

Have a great week.