Little Creek

Wanda gave me beautiful greeting cards, which motivated me to write cards to my three friends with whom I correspond and whom I had neglected lately. So hi again to Betty and Lorene, and Sue. Happy Autumn to you and my friends who read my ramblings.

I was honored last week to be published on the same page as my favorite artist who paints with words. River, I so look forward to your column and even though I have never met you, I feel as if I have. I appreciate you being my friend on facebook also.

The Autumn Annual Kasey Taber Chili Cook-Off was very enjoyable and well attended. There were 80 plus people who came together to honor my son and there were 23 pots of traditional and non-traditional chili and taco soups and chicken soups to be judged and many dessert dishes and chips and sour cream.

Phyllis Turner won the traveling trophy for first place with Dustin Stout coming in second and Nicole Robertson won the first place trophy for non-traditional with Robyn Tetrick judged second. It was all in fun, but the judges took their job very seriously.

It was a beautiful, cool evening and there were a few rims with fire going for those enjoying the band. The fun was over about midnight for some. We appreciate you all for coming and participating and my young friends, who were Kasey’s close friends, who made me feel special. He would have applauded every hug I got.

Karen and Greg were very good hosts and I appreciate them for all the work involved and to Kevin and Joe who helped and Nicole and Ashley.

If the Lord grants me another year, I’ll see you all there again.

Karen came Wednesday bringing me an adult coloring book. What are they going to come up with next? But I have some good designs and pattern ideas for quilt blocks or embroidery. I love my daughter’s for always thinking of me.

Jessica, my granddaughter, took me to town Thursday and helped me do my monthly shopping. Then she came home and put it all away. I am going to miss her when she gets married in January and moves away.

Terry came by Thursday night bringing me stuff and we caught up on our comings and goings. She is looking forward to vacation.

Jim and Jean Frye, LunaBelle White, Jim’s sister and John and Martha Lee, his youngest sister with a daughter and son-in-law have all enjoyed a week together on the lake. It was beautiful weather for their enjoyment.

Well back in my time we would be winding up the work of summer and getting ready for winter time. Big old hogs would be getting fed up for butchering time not to far off. The harvest would be finished with bins of potatoes and shelves full of canned vegetables and apples, peaches and berries. Cellars would be full and getting winter wood would be the chore to be done before the snow fell. It would be a busy time, but everyone would be facing winter with a satisified mind in a job well done.

The best part of summer for us kids would be behind us because it was too chilly to hit the old swimming hole until summer came again. When I say for “us kids” I look back to a life, full of joys all too soon gone and give thanks to my Lord for the life I lived and for those who occupied my world as I was growing up. I give thanks also for the family Joe and I raised and just luxuriate in the memories of all my five kids.

So my wish for you my friends is that you live life to the fullest and love those you love with all your heart, because it’s over way too soon before you realize it. But one thing we know, we are promised life eternal in a better world.