Little Creek

Here it is news time and I am unprepared. I must gather my thoughts together and try to remember what has happened on Little Creek since I wrote last.

My visitors have been Robyn and Jessie, my therapists; Charlie, my friend; Karen, my daughter; and Kevin, my son.

Charlie came distributing cucumbers to Hester, myself and we took a sack to my sister, Jo, and we had a pleasant two hour visit with her.

Kevin and I went to the very nice gathering celebrating Barbara Scott’s life last Saturday. It was a perfectly beautiful day and there was a large crowd of family and friends of Noel and Barb, who gathered in Noel’s yard to visit, listen to music, eat the plentiful and delicious food brought in and prepared by John and Noel. It was a beautiful tribute to Barb. Rest in peace, dear friend.

It is sad and so lonely when we lose dear ones, but life goes on and we keep them alive in our hearts. Life is never the same nor as happy. I grieved terribly when I lost my mom and dad, but I’ve never felt such pain as when I lost my sweet Kasey in such a way. It hasn’t gotten easier, but I am getting better at not going to the bad places and it helps to talk of him to my kids and friends and to get out and about.

I enjoyed our quilting club where we gather on Wednesdays to quilt and visit. We had all members present except for Barb and Ruth. Ruthie has a severe case of shingles, which kept her home recently. She is in our prayers and we missed Daryl and Tom at dinner time. We have two beautiful quilts being quilted and I had a hemming job and Robyn helped wash dishes and clean the kitchen, and the others quilted. We are a compatable group who appreciate one another.

This has been a beautiful week, the first week of autumn in our Ozark hills. This is my favorite season and it was also Kasey’s. He loved to deer hunt and to get to be with his cousins and brothers and to bring in that trophy deer. I like to think of Kasey being with his dad and reminiscing of old deer hunts and good times.

Kevin is looking forward to going with a friend up north to hunt this year. There will be two big bucks brought back by Kevin and Moose Allen, hopefully.

Hi to my readers and friends who tell me they read my news and they pay me such nice compliments. I met a lovely couple at Noel’s, Jim and Bonnie, and I so appreciate the words of encouragement and Betty Scott also introduced herself as I was leaving. She seems like someone I would like to be around. And then there’s my long time friends, Sue, Ruth, Betty and Lorene, to whom I correspond with letters, which I am behind with and another telephone friend, Hester, love to you all.

Until next week, be kind and helpful.