“There is no peace saith my God, to the wicked,” Isaiah 57:21.

Monday, TJ and I went to Mansfield to the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes. There had been a storm the Friday night before and it took down a big tree at the white house and more at the stone house. It was interesting. It sure was too bad I couldn’t take pictures inside the houses. It took years to build the white house because they built one room at a time. Their daughter, Rose, had the stone house built for them. I have read most of her books. The books have been published in other languages for other countries. I didn’t know Laura was a short person, under five foot and Almanzo was short too. Their daughter, Rose, also wrote stories which where in magazines and books, Rose Travel’s The World.

That evening TJ and I went to Ralph and Dana Brazeal’s home for a visit. Their grandchildren, Wyatt and Liviya Wharton, were spending the night. Ella Faye Mitchell was there too. Ella Faye’s youngest daughter, Fanya Scott, had taken her to Ava that day.

Jason Robb and son, Nath, from Maryland visited his mother, Valerie and Louin Clayton a few days.

TJ Nokes left for Louisiana state Wednesday where he will be working the next thirteen weeks.

Eddie and Linda Sears’ two sons, Timothy and family and friends and Edward and family were weekend guests.

Betty Satterfield is in the hospital in Springfield. Keep her in your prayers.