County Line

Reece Goforth came and mowed my yard.

Donna Dodson and Macee Breeding were here on Monday.

Michael Dodson visited David and Donna on Monday.

Reece Goforth and CJ Ayers went to Springfield Monday and Tuesday for soccer camp. They also stopped by Rogersville on Monday to visit Travis and Dede Mitchell and family.

Donna visited Michael and boys on Tuesday then went to Keith and Melanie Breeding’s home.

She and Macee visited me on Tuesday also.

She and Macee visited me on Tuesday also.

Macee Breeding spent Thursday night with Emma Potter.

On Friday Donna took me for my blood work.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Quin, Megan, Kobi Gasek and Bryse Dodson all went to Mountain Grove skating.

Keith, Michael and Chase all worked on a dog pen for David Saturday.

David and Donna Dodson went to Springfield Saturday and Sunday to visit Betty Satterfield in the hospital. Saturday evening Donna and I went to town for groceries.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with Hailey Edwards for Hailey’s birthday. She said they had a very good time.

Megan and Macee spent Sunday night with David and Donna.