Bethany Baptist Church

Liz and Rose Corder finished a two weeks stay with their grandparents, Jim and Ruby Corder. They were driven to Illinois, Thursday, to meet their parents at a halfway point. Jeff Corder, Jim and Ruby, and the girls started out early and they were back in Ava in time for church services that evening.

The church had a Youth Rally last week and Brady Whitehouse was the guest speaker. Brady Whitehouse, of Church Help Ministries, is an evangelist working with a focus on youth in church camps, Daily Vacation Bible schools, and youth rallies. Brady and Emaly Whitehouse have a four month old son, Eli, who was the center of much attention this last week. They were guests out at the Corder farm and ate meals with several of the church families during the week.

The Youth Rally was like a revival with preaching, but there were also games, crafts, music, memory work, snacks and a penny race, which was won by the girls who had contributed $241.17. The boys had contributed $240.20. All of that money is set aside for missionaries. The week was closed out with lunch in the fellowship hall, Sunday at noon.

Emaly Whitehouse sang a special song, Sunday morning, before the preaching service. Brady Whitehouse brought a message on the crucifixion of Jesus from John 19:1-30.

It is considered the ultimate sacrifice to die for a friend, but Jesus didn’t just die for his friends. We also think of parents who have died in the effort to save the life of a child or even of birds that will draw off an attacker to save their young, but Jesus did not just die for his family. Jesus loved the city of Jerusalem, but he did not die just for this city. We are grateful for the many brave men have died in defense of our country, but Jesus did not just die for his country. Jesus did die for his friends, his family, his city, and his country, but he also died for his enemies. He died for people who hated him and for people who have never heard of him. Jesus died for all of mankind. He died for all of us. For as long as we were lost in sin, we were the enemies of God. When we accept this sacrifice on our behalf, we then become sons of God.