Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We had a great day at church Sunday, I hope you enjoyed a church service where ever you attend church.  Our business meeting was Sunday night and we sure missed Alice, she always was so organized, I am trying to fill her shoes at the job of treasurer. I am not sure I was as prepared as I thought, I did have it all figured, but I forgot to have the balance and had to dig in my purse to get it. now if anyone knows my purse… Anyway, we also missed Wanda because she was on vacation.  We did get everything took care of and it seemed like we had a lot of business. God was with us because we were all in one accord and that is good when conducting God’s business.

We are having our Bible school the first week of August, so we hope everyone is making plans and praying for that. We also are having youth night this Sunday night, that is something that we always look forward to. The fourth Friday night is going to be the singing at our church, I  hope we have lots of singers and listeners. We didn’t get to Breedon’s singing last week, we went to my brother’s house to visit with some relatives that were here from out of town. Always good to see Stan, Dottie, Howard, Phyllis and Debra.

Let’s all get in one accord and pray for our country that we will turn back to serving God, the way our fore fathers set this country up as the right way to do things.

Till next time, take care.