Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July. We had a singing and fireworks display at our church and had a great time. We always enjoy getting together to sing and eat and this time the extra enjoyment of watching a fireworks display. Being on the top of the mountain, we also get to watch other fireworks across the area near and far, as they get shot up in the air. The kids always seem to enjoy lighting some of the smaller things and of course, it always brings back memories to each of us when we were younger and the things we did. Deanna and I were sitting together and talking about some of the things Ralph and Marvin and Roger use to do and then we had to go back and include Billy Nelson and Chester Thomas. It’s amazing what can spark a memory of things that people use to do and some of the fun we had.

Sunday morning we had several missing for church, we sure miss you when you aren’t where you are suppose to be. We found out James Orick was in the hospital having test and added him to our prayer list, but praise God all the test turned out fine and he got to come home Sunday afternoon.

We are starting to make our plans for Vacation Bible School for the first week in August, so I hope you start praying for that and make plans to bring your kids. We always look forward to seeing all the children and I always have a great time.

I have my granddaughter down here helping me can green beans, so I better get back to work. So for now have a great week and remember to praise God for the freedom we still have to worship His name. Take care.