Dogwood Ramblings

Sorry about last week’s column, but I found myself in the Mercy Stroke unit on Monday – not by choice of course – and the column was furthest from my mind. Home now and still not up to par. The ER beds (for eight hours) are like being on a board, but I was surprised how comfy the bed was in the stroke unit. Family and friends are helpful for sure. Bob and Dana have been feeding my pets, did some shopping for me and brought me a walker. Multiple prayers for healing have arrived by e-mail and I am on more than one prayer chain. My sons and families are making sure I am eating and resting properly. Many have called, but it tires me to be on the phone and my shoulder is still giving me fits with tendonitis. Son, Ryan, called from Texas, worried about his mother.

My friend, Carole from Texas, called for just a few words and promised not to bring up the Supreme Court and/or other idiotic governmental actions as she knows they upset me. Tina filled in for me at the office, bless her heart. Friday night Randy put on another delicious BBQ at his place and they came and got me, then brought me home when exhaustion took over. It was great seeing son Randy’s son and grandchildren after such a long time. Also, the Schultz family was in attendance – Cathy makes the best desserts! Cindy Hailey was there with her daughters and her mother, Alice. Dear Patsy Williams called, just knowing something was not right. The Mercy Home Health Nurse visited and before leaving said, “You are a Type A personality”. She hit that nail on the head. Some Mercy folk said in essence, “You are a tough old lady”. Let us hope I remain tough.

I have been reminded that I hadn’t mentioned Randy Boeddeker’s third place win in a spear fishing contest a couple of weeks ago. He missed a higher prize by a fraction of an inch.

On June 23rd the Springfield City Council tabled the “In God We Trust” motto proposal for City buildings. Several groups have taken surveys of this sort of thing and came up with only 14% being against any mention of God. Perhaps the Council is afraid of repercussions from some of the 14% and understandably so as these troublemakers will then bring in the well-funded ACLU and law suits for anything having to do with the belief of the other 86% of the population.

Thoughts to ponder: Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Your first step is to cleanse your mind of evil and be pleasing to God. Those who justify the wicked are an abomination to the Lord our God. What does that say about our government and the Supreme Court?