Bethany Baptist Church

Dan Stillings, his mother, Norma, and son, Alan, joined Don and Jodeana Stillings of Anaheim, California, for a day at Silver Dollar City, Monday. Don also visited with his father, Stanley Stillings, sister, Debra Bohnstedt in Springfield, and brother, Tom Stillings, in Ozark during the past week.

Pete and Anna Goos brought their granddaughter, Juhi Goos, of New Jersey to Ava for a visit with family members here. They visited Carl and Mary Goss, Friday evening, and Norma Stillings, Dan and Alan, Saturday morning. Juhi completed her first year in college this spring.

Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen and their daughter, Sally, hosted a Fourth of July celebration at their home at noon, Saturday. They provided the grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings. The guests brought side dishes and Jeff Corder brought homemade ice cream. It was a great day. A few hardy souls played volleyball while the rest just enjoyed a good visit.

In the Sunday morning service, Norma Stillings sang before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message he called, “What can America do now?”

There was a time when America was known as a Christian nation and enjoyed the blessings of God upon the nation. But America has turned away from God. Will God continue to bless a rebellious nation? What should we do now? The answer found in James 4:8 is that we should “draw nigh to God,” “cleanse our hands” and “purify our hearts.”

We should draw nigh to God in our homes and our own personal lives. We must point our children to Christ in homes that honor God, by our teaching and example. They should see holiness in our personal habits of daily living. Holiness can’t be gained by renaming sin by calling “bad” “good” and calling “good” “bad.” God has not changed. We cannot “draw nigh to God” if we will not repent of our vile sins and we must seek him while he may be found.

Adrain Owen was the special speaker in the Sunday evening service. He is a World War II veteran still attending at Bethany Baptist Church. He talked about some of his experiences during his training, about landing in France, and about some of the battles. Many times he had close calls that convinced him that God was looking out for him. He did bring back sad memories of comrades being killed. He did have to be evacuated for treatment of his frost bitten feet and refused to sign to have his feet amputated. After some treatment he was back on the front lines again. We at Bethany Baptist Church appreciate the veterans whose sacrifices kept for us the freedoms we still enjoy.