I took my news in last Monday along with eggs for Kay, Donna, Kellie and Shawna.

Violet came by last Tuesday with some cucumbers and picked up her eggs.

I got .1/2 of an inch that morning and another .1/1/2 of an inch on Wednesday.

I took eggs in Thursday to Michelle Stout and Darlene Lister and some to the newspaper office. I stopped by Sally Prock’s and then stopped by Ava Drug before coming home.

Ellis and Michell came by Friday while they were in town. Mary Martha came by this evening.

Kay and Jewell brought their food up to me and I had Nina when Raymond and Naida came over Saturday morning and we took all the food down to the youth camp.

They had 14 pupils and they were ready to eat at 11:30.

Judy Wilson stopped by Saturday evening and picked up a birthday card and gift for Anita Smith, who’s birthday is Sunday.

Trae and Kendra Shelton came by Sunday afternoon and visited with me and took a cake and card for Gary and Richelle Shelton, whose 25th Anniversary is Tuesday.

I talked with Bonne Sunday and she said Debbie Cederlind came down Friday night and stayed with her until Sunday evening.

Debbie and Cecilia attended the Cowboy Church Sunday.

Bro. Raymond read John 5:25, though the dead shall live (the 3 deaths.)

The evening service was a devotional given by Nina Carter. Her message was about the years of longing (400 BCE-4BCE), about the last verses of the Old Testament in the Christian Canon and the last verses of the Old Testament in the Hebrew Canon and events of the Intertestamental Period, “The 400 Silent Years.”

Let’s keep those prayers going for our sick folks because it is working

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep our nation, leaders, men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.