I took my news and eggs to Kay last Monday then to Donna, Kellie and Shawna. I made some bread when I got home. Nina stopped by on her way home from work. Jeff Wilson came and brush hogged my place last Tuesday and it sure looks nice. George and Violet stopped by and picked up their eggs.

Rain last week was .1 of an inch last Monday morning, 1.2 of an inch of rain on Wednesday, 1.1 inches Thursday and 1.2 inches on Friday. Ellis stopped by Wednesday evening on his way home.

I took eggs to Darlene and Brenda Thursday then I went by the nursing home and took rolls to the veterans and some of the others that I take rolls to. Roxie wasn’t doing too well. Then I came back by John and Jo’s.

Friday I went to town and paid a few bills and got a few groceries.

Saturday evening Dustin and Kelsey Seaborn gave their son, Bentlee, a birthday party. He will be two on the 10th. There were 19 in attendance including 1 grandpa, 2 grandmas, 1 great grandpa, two great grandmas, uncles, aunts and cousins and friends. Barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs plus pulled pork was served. Homemade ice cream, birthday cake and blackberry cobbers was served after the meal. Bentlee opened his gifts with his mother’s help then fireworks were set off when it got dark. Bentlee is talking and my one year old great grandson, Owen Blakey, is just walking so I got to see him too along with his sister, Alexia. I got home about 10:30 p.m.

Sunday Bro. Raymond started out with the first miracle Jesus did then at the end it was about obedience and disobedience.

Sunday night we had a business meeting before church. Bro. Raymond’s message for the evening was titled how big is your idol which could be something besides an image.

Monica and Joel came by before I went to church.

Debbie Cederlind came down Saturday and Bonnie, Cecilia and Debbie went down to Rome and took pictures of the bridge.

Sunday Debbie and Cecilia went to the cowboy church. Courtnie Vigessa came down Sunday and they had a cookout at Bonnie’s home for dinner. Courtnie brought some material for Bonnie to make her three quilts. Bonnie had used up all her material.

Let’s keep those prayers going four our sick folks.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one. Keep praying for our nation, leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.