May 4, 2015

April showers brought May flowers, and we will soon need showers to freshen up all our vegetables.

Lilly Ridge Church had its bi-monthly dinner Sunday. There seemed to be a good number who stayed for lunch.

Leslie Hicks reported his former brother-in-law in Kansas City area, Jack Kirkland, has some serious health problems, and our prayers are with him.

A benefit auction is to be held at Dora School at 5 p.m. Saturday evening, May 9, for my grandson, Larry Davis. He hasn’t been able to work at his carpentry jobs for many weeks as he has done for many years. He has a malignancy of his lungs and liver. He has had chemotherapy recently.

Having birthdays in May, and it seems like there are many, include Todd Davis, son of Dean and Dorothy Davis in Lawrence, Kansas. His mother Dorothy’s birthday is on the 15th, and granddaughter Chantelle’s is on the 19th. The Davises are formerly from Udall.

Prayers are offered for those involved in the highway accident between J and 160 highways one afternoon last week.

For those remembering Addie Lee Lister, and for those who would like to send her a card, she is living near her son Terry, and he could see that she got greetings from Ozark County Gainesville area. Send greetings to 5301 W. 124th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66209.

McKayla Braden had her 21st birthday in Forsyth May the first. She is employed at the JC Penney store in Branson and is my granddaughter.

New arrivals in Washington, MO. were triplet boys born to Matt and Jessica Riechers – great-grandsons of Fray Hillhouse and cousins of mine. He remembered two of their names were Chase and Jett, but couldn’t remember the third. They are not identical. Cousin Fray was 94 years old on March 1 and has his garden planted and his beans are coming up. I’m sure the family is excited with the birth of the triplets. I enjoyed his phone call Sunday evening, and I do congratulate the family. Fray’s twin brother Ray passed away a few years ago. Their parents were Willy and Chloe Hillhouse. The great-grandparents would’ve been happy if they could’ve lived through the birth of these great-grandchildren!

My daughter, Kris Luebbert, is busy running errands for me and doing my yardwork at the present time, but will soon be on her nursing job.

April 27, 2015

News from the last week of April.

It was very good to learn that Don and Betty Decker go out to eat with Mearl and Beulah Satterfield every now and then. They live close together in the Sparta-Ozark area. They are former residents of this area, and we miss them being our neighbors. Beulah’s sister, Opal Friend Frost, is in a specialty hospital, and we wish her better health.

Better health is also wished for Randi Smucker and husband Mahlon. Mahlon had the evening service at Lilly Ridge Church.

Remodeling the fellowship and kitchen area of the Lilly Ridge Church is underway and will be a big improvement.

Lisa Davis Keller is having surgery in West Plains Tuesday morning. Best wishes to her. Best wishes also to her brother Larry Davis as he has some serious health problems.

Prayers are with Mary Rackley, who was taken by ambulance to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, where she is having more tests. Her daughter Marta came home for things they needed, and her son Kevin went to be with her. Anyone wanting to send cards to Mary Rackley may send them in care of Mark and Marta Haden, 5244 South Farm Road 213, Rogersville, MO 65742.

Kris Luebbert is busy catching up with the yardwork at my house. Marlin Pitcock from Forsyth and Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock from Fair Grove spent Saturday visiting here and doing a few jobs around the place. Lyndon brought his new Martin guitar.

Eastern Star met Monday evening, with dinner at 6:30 and the meeting at 7:30; it was the last meeting of the month.

Anyone having any news, please let me know.