Bethany Baptist Church

Darren, Tammy, and Daniel Myers were our guests in the Sunday services. They presented their new ministry, “Freedom Focus,” which is an effort to inspire and educate this generation with the story of freedom. They do this through preaching, teaching, singing, and multimedia.

When Darren and Tammy enrolled in college they majored in music education, but he became a pastor. Darren pastored a church in Rolla, Missouri for several years. During that time they started having a special patriotic rally each year. It developed into quite a production with a picnic, re-enactors, preaching, music, audience participation, and a multimedia presentation. All this concluded with a choir doing patriotic music and fireworks. It went over so well that they felt led to make that sort of presentation available to churches, schools, camps, colleges and outdoor rallies across the United States.

Darren, Tammy, and Daniel sang special songs in each of the services. Darren brought a message from 1 Timothy 2:1-7. Christians are told to pray for the leaders of their government. Governments were ordained by God in order to protect innocent persons and punish evil-doers. This is the proper function of the government. We are told not to avenge ourselves. Today we have a police force and judicial system. We are to pray for them so that we may have quiet and peaceable lives. God has all power and authority and our nation cannot be blessed if we reject him.

Personal freedom comes by knowing and accepting Jesus Christ, who is “the way, the truth, and the life.” There is no other way to obtain true freedom. Churches must preach and teach this truth. This is not done by arguing or fighting, but by teaching the truth and keeping the faith.