Black Jack Church

What a wonderful Resurrection Day celebration we had for our Sunrise Service this April 5, 2015 at Black Jack Church in Drury, Mo.  Celebration songs were sung inside until sunrise time.

Then the congregation and visitors stood around the cross in the church yard and listened to Pastor Vic Murdy bring the message of Christ’s resurrection from John 20:1-18.  The stone has been rolled away from the tomb in which Jesus’ was laid;  a stone men could not have moved.   The expensive linen was left behind in a neat order; the napkin that covered the head of Jesus was folded, signifying in Jewish culture that the Master would return.  The body was not taken or stolen because it was the linen that had a high value in that day.

The three significances  of Easter is the fulfillment of our salvation, the evidence of the resurrection and  the substance of our faith.  Without faith, we cannot please God.  Although the work of the cross is done, Jesus saying that “it is finished”, the Master will return again to gather all that received Him.   Following the message, the congregation returned to the sanctuary for more songs of celebration.

All who attended the service today joined us in a fellowship breakfast of biscuits and gravy, taters and eggs.  A lovely and delicious meal and time enjoyed together.

Please join us in worship Sunday mornings at 10:00.  Look unto our Lord and God who has promised to meet our every need if we trust in Him and obey His word.  He is faithful and He is coming soon!