Faith Rock Church

We had a very good morning service Sunday. Our lesson was very good with lots of discussion. We appreciated our teacher, Sis. Wanda, who is now teaching since Bro. and Sis. Dewitt are no longer with us. Sis. Loretta Dewitt was a much loved teacher and minister while we were fortunate enough to have them here. We had them four years and that was quite a while since they come from Willow Springs.

I had a surprise call this morning from Springfield and Sis. Earnestine Martin called. She was having some physical problems and she wanted us to know she missed us and our fellowship we quilters had as we worked together. I haven’t helped in almost a year since my knees got painful and then a knee replacement. We sure did miss Sis. Earnestine after she moved to Springfield to live with her daughter and husband.

Sis. Jane Call called me some time ago and is missing us and her husband, Ralph, since he passed away. We miss them also since she’s been staying with family and coming down to Ava part of the time. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring our way.

We have a friend, Earl Plumb, who has been in Cox Hospital since Saturday and on life support. We heard today that he is gaining some each day. His family from different areas had all come in to be with him. One of his family members said an officer here in Ava is credited with saving his life and until the ambulance took him to catch the helicopter on to Cox. We’re just thankful to God that he’s been gaining a little each day.

We’ve been getting a little rain and with the temperature getting warmer the snow is almost gone and spring is on its way. It has lifted our spirits.

Our daughter, Teresa Gloyd, spent Sunday night with us. She hadn’t been up for sometime because of the weather. She come in time to go to morning church service with me and we come home and finished getting dinner together. We thought our other daughter, Sherry and her family would be here, but since it was their anniversary they went to Springfield for dinner and Addison wanted to stay with us and Albany wanted to go with them, so we enjoyed playing “Sorry” with her.

I haven’t heard anything from Bro. Darrell and Sis. Betty Hesterlee. They weren’t with us Sunday. Bro. Darrell has treatment on Monday and Sis. Betty was sick last week. Maybe everyone can get better now that the weather is warming up.

I John 4:10, “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved if God so loves us, we ought also to love on another.” God bless everyone.