Oak Grove Church

This chilly Sunday morning our morning message was taken from I Kings 17, where Elijah the prophet is introduced and pronounces the drought on Israel and is sent to the brook Cherith to be fed by ravens until the brook dries up. Then he is directed to go to the widow at Zarephath who has been commanded by God to sustain him. Upon his arrival she tells him that she only has a bit of oil in a cruze and a handful of meal in a barrel, which she is about to prepare for her and her son, after which they are going to starve to death. God saw fit to turn her little into much, and from that he fed the prophet, the widow and her household for many days. The title of the message and the point was, “What Do You Have?” that God can use, to turn little into much.

Our evening service was small, partially because of bitter cold, but after we sang praises to the Lord we turned to Luke 9:23-37 and discussed how Jesus asked his followers to go up the mountain with him, how he was with them going up, on the mountaintop, coming down and even through the valley after the mountaintop experience. He asks us to go with him up, on, down and through the mountaintop and valley experiences of our lives, and if we will but follow he will lead the way.

Come and join us in praise and worship to the Lord, we would love to welcome you, in his service, and yes, we do have extra seating, and so far the heaters work, come, be our guest. No, there won’t be any dancing teapots or candlesticks, but you will be welcome just the same.