Red Bank Church

Greetings to everyone.  I really thought that spring had sprung when I went outside to walk to the mailbox yesterday.  The fresh air, warmed by the sun filled sky, felt so good.  I understand we will get one more day of this spring like weather then, alas, winter weather will step back into our lives once more.

Attendance at Red Bank was down a little because of illness.  The service was opened with a hymn led by Eloise Hallmark, in the absence of our music director, Gary Lirley, who was too ill to fill his position.  Prayer was offered for those who were afflicted with colds and viruses.  We look forward to seeing them all back in church next Sunday.  I’m sure they look forward to being well enough to be there too.   Jerry Huff gave the morning welcome and dismissed everyone to their respective Sunday school class.  The worship service was opened with hymns led by Eloise Hallmark.   We appreciate Eloise for always being ready to serve the Lord with the beautiful voice that God gave her.  We are all blessed with a talent that needs to be used in serving the Lord.   Brother Lauren read an invitation sent to the ladies of the church to attend a women’s conference to be held at Licking, Mo.  Jeane Huff gave a mission offering in honor of her sister, Judy Smith’s, birthday.

The morning sermon was based on scripture from Matthew 13:31.  Jesus spoke this parable to teach that the Kingdom of Heaven was like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field.  This seed took root, and even though it was, in size, least of all, it was deemed the greatest of herbs and grew into a tree that could nest many birds.  Brother Lauren explained that this smallest of seed represented the seed of Christianity.  When it was cast out it took root and grew into a great tree.  Even though many attempts has been made to chop it down or kill it by different means, it grew even faster and begat many other trees of its kind.  Christendom continues to grow with new churches springing up and missionaries being sent out into the world to spread more seed of the gospel of Christ.  Of course, like every great tree, meaning the church that is home for many of God’s people, the enemy tries to make his home there too.  One might refer to such as, “Dirty Birds.”  They are the ones that pick on the others and find pleasure in causing trouble over something that is usually very trivial in nature.    They are present in every tree, it takes prayer to scare or ward them off.  James 5:16, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


Gary and I have pretty much been house bound this last week because Gary’s congestion was on the verge of being pneumonia.  I kept him home and doctored him myself with a lot of vapor rub and over the counter medicines to break up his congestion.  He finally decided that he felt good enough to take a bath, but he said he was a little concerned that all the salve I put on him would stop up the shower drain.

I hear that about everyone in at least a ten mile radius was affected by the blackout that we all experienced one night this week.  I haven’t heard what the cause was.  Gary and I were watching TV when all of a sudden everything went black.  I finally made my way into the dining room where I keep a battery run light to use in case of such happenings.  I was sure glad it was in good working condition.  The electricity did not come back on until two hours later.   I understand that it did not take that long for some homes further away from our area.

That’s all the news for now.  Take care.