All Around Bradleyville

There were snow flurries here most of the day Sunday and I really do enjoy watching it snow, as long as it doesn’t pile up. Only two and a half months until spring. Seems like the blink of an eye anymore. I used to dread winter so much and it is still my least favorite season, but the older I get the faster time seems to pass so I won’t gripe about it so much.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration and gathering of our family and friends and hope you did too. I haven’t taken my decorations down yet. I used to wait until school started up and the kids went back to school, but now I don’t have any kids in school and my little grandbabies like it so no telling when I’ll put it all away!

Lindsay Marsh had a wonderful birthday surprise last week. She came out of a student teacher meeting at C of O and there in the parking lot waiting for her was a new car! She was very happy and thankful her parents got her a car. Lindsay’s birthday was last Sunday and she turned twenty two.

Boys basketball will be in the Seymour Tournament this week and the girls will be playing in the Sparta Tournament. Next week the boys and girls will be playing New Covenant Academy in Springfield on Monday, January 12, then the girls only will play Forsyth, home at Bradleyville on Thursday, January 15. The boys will play Bakersfield at home on Tuesday, January 13.

Birthdays for the coming week include: January 8: Leona Hunsaker, Barbara Casey, Frank Schreiber; January 9: Darla Day, J.D. Day, Venessa Mills, Gale Osburn, Carolyn Wakeley; January 10: Vicki Newlyn; January 11: Greg Blair, Bill Dalton, Peggy Krause; January 12: David Boyd, Martie Boyd, Denise Flanigan, Everett Sartin; January 14: Kaitlyn Hunsaker, Corey Ridings.