Quad Cities

12-1-14. Just three more months until March (counting this month just started.) Hope the weather isn’t too bad these three months. It’s been sort of back and forth so far. We’ve been hitting it lucky when we have to go somewhere.

On Thanksgiving we stayed home and ate pizza and pumpkin pie. We sent and received numerous calls wishing us a “Happy Thanksgiving.” That’s what made it and other holidays happy, hearing from loved ones. We got a text from son, Randy Allison, who was out on the road somewhere as usual. We also got a call from his wife, Laura in Arkansas. We exchanged texts with daughters, Anita and Berta; granddaughters Lisa, Amber and Amy; grandson, Jared and Carrie and Zoie; granddaughter, Candi and Jarred (they went to Ozark, Mo. for the holidays), friend, Kathye Clark (she was getting ready to go help serve dinner at the St. Mary’s Church in Tipton for the third year in a row). Bless her generous heart. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out. Oh yes, I did, our friend, Jason in Muscatine who used to plow snow for us on the farm. It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving Day being thankful for friends and family.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner Saturday, Nov. 29th at daughter, Anita and Carl’s and it sure was good. Everyone said it was the best turkey they ever ate. Anita cooks it in a plastic bag and keeps all the juices in. I made a cherry pie to take and Walt took some pumpkin pies from Wal-Mart. The only thing wrong with their pies is the crust is always thick and tough. I should give them my recipe. It’s so tender it crumbles. Well, like I said we had a good turkey dinner with all the trimmings. There was Anita, Carl, Trevis, Jared, Carrie, Zoie, Jacob, Kaz and the star of the show, little baby Kylie Faye. It’s such a thrill to get to see her again. She’s lost her redness, but still a tiny little thing. She was awake for quite a while and Carrie and Zoie had her smiling real big. I tried to get a picture of her smiling, but the flash kind of startled her and she quit smiling. When my daughter, Anita, was born her Aunt Marie Scott made her a little dress and I have a picture of her wearing it at three weeks old. I kept it all these years (54) and gave it to Anita and they put it on Kylie for our five generation pictures. It just barely would go on her. She’s six weeks old now. Speaking of my sister-in-law, the late Marie Scott, I wish she could have seen Kylie in the little dress she made so long ago. I also exchanged greetings with her sister, Maxine Lund on Thursday. Well, it’s been nice chatting with you, but I better get the pictures ready to send and hope they have room for them in this paper. So take care of yourselves, and bye bye for now.