Oak Grove Church

We enjoyed a wonderful Lord’s day together, for all of you who were not with us, we invite you to come next Sunday to join us in worship to the Lord.

Our focus in this week’s morning message was the prophecy of Isaiah of the coming Messiah, after he warned Israel of the coming punishment they were about to face because they refused to turn from their rebellious practices and worship God. We looked at passages from the eighth, ninth, and eleventh chapters and how they related not only to the first coming Of the Messiah, but also to his second coming.

Our evening message was taken from Psalm 24 and Luke chapter 2, they both refer to the same person, if you would like to know who that is, just read both chapters, and see if you don’t see what I mean. Of course, you can come and join us, but then I’m repeating myself.

Next week we may begin by taking a close look at what God’s Messenger had to say in Malachi 3:4 about this same subject, the coming of the “annointed of God.” In case you didn’t know, he not only came nearly two thousand years ago, and in doing so fulfilled more than forty individual prophecies about himself, but he is soon to come again! But this time, it will be different than that time.

This time, he won’t be helpless, this time he will come in power with the hosts of heaven in his vanguard. He has invited us all to come to the wedding feast of the Lamb. You wouldn’t turn down an invitation to the best meal you could ever have would you? Well, would you?

Psalm 34:8 says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.” So I’m asking you to come and taste and see, that the Lord is good, you won’t be disappointed. Come on, take a taste and see!