Dogwood Ramblings

Much “to-do” was made last week on a news program about calories, obesity, new laws about calories being listed on almost every food purchase you make, etc. Let’s face it, regardless how old you are, if you are hungry you are going to eat what is available and easy, aren’t you? If you are on a diet (or should be) you already know what is and isn’t good for you. If this gets to fast food places, how many teenagers are going to sit at a busy drive-in speaker and read the menu for calories? This so-called law is just making the food industry go beyond the extra mile….and that will be reflected in your cost. Many children are not happy with blah school menus (thank you Michelle O.!) Those sending a lunch bag are mostly going to pack what children will eat and not throw in the trash, in spite of calories. “Twinkies” anyone?

Then, there is the “Ferguson Debacle”! Those seeking to act out found a nonsensical reason for which they were looking to “justify” their actions, in Ferguson and around our country. Why did they set so many fires, destroying the livelihoods of so many? Because they thought they could get away with it. Perhaps, as usual, it goes back to parenting and being taught to respect laws, respect others, and doing for oneself (education, work, etc.). I was raised in Los Angeles (during a much tamer time) but was also there during some of the race riots. My parents lived in one of the more disturbed areas called South Central and we had to drive many extra miles to safely get to their home. Many Mom and Pop grocery stores were destroyed because some thought their prices were too high, or the proprietors were Asian. Well, those stores had to pay extra for products and delivery because no companies or drivers feel safe going there. Society reaps what it harvests! Needless to say, my parents relocated, the last Caucasians we knew of living in that area and in spite of good neighbors who looked out for them.

Time to laugh at myself! We had a delightful Thanksgiving meal on the 23rd, eighteen of us and thanks to all who brought their specialties to add to the usual menu. Then, two days later I realized that I hadn’t fixed or served the stuffing. Oh well, I don’t think it was missed. Now it is time to make turkey soup. On Thanksgiving Day Rex and I joined the Homeister family in Springfield for a delicious meal. Some may remember Loranz Homeister, who in his later years was a janitor at the Ava Schools. The Homeister family recently learned that Loranz was on Omaha Beach in Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. Loranz never told any of his family about that horrible experience, but his military records revealed it. I visited with his son, David, who looks so much like Loranz. It was very interesting.

It seems that all of our mail now must go through Kansas City. Springfield was one thing, but now it is Kansas City. Most Dogwood area mail comes out from Seymour, and it seems it is later and later each day. We used to get the Douglas County Herald around 3 p.m. on Friday, a little late for some sales specials or meetings. The last couple of weeks the Herald arrived on Saturday afternoon, and last week it didn’t arrive. Hopefully it will be in today’s mail. Monday I visited with Bill Philpott a bit Sunday morning, sharing my sadness at the passing of his mother. She was born and raised in the house now owned by my son Randy and I was recalling her trip here a couple of years ago as she and her sister so wanted to visit the house and see all the changes there. At that time the “girls” said that their mother always wanted to build a house where mine now sits and they were pleased that I built here.

No local news from here. So very sad nothing is shared! Traffic is very slow this Monday morning. Pray for peace!