St. Francis Church

Sunday, November 9 was the Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity.  It was also our annual Harvest Festival so the church was beautifully decorated with an autumn motif and bouquets of autumn leaves and flowers on the altar.  Vestment and altar colors are still green for Trinity, but Rita and the altar guild have special dark green and gold hangings only used for this occasion, which also makes it a special time.  We collect food and other supplies for the Food Harvest of the Ozarks also at this time.

Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. John 4:46, the story of the nobleman’s ailing son who is cured by Jesus; this was His second miracle in Galilee and demonstrates how Christian faith works.  Jesus speaks the famous line “unless ye see signs and wonders ye will not believe,” but the man is not interested in signs, only in curing his son, which Jesus does without even seeing him.  This tells us that signs are only important if the deeper meaning is understood: faith based only on miracles is not enough.

After the service we had a potluck dinner with several wonderful seasonal dishes and Rita’s harvest bread that she makes every year for this occasion.  Then we had our scheduled Vestry meeting to discuss practical concerns, such as finances and insurance.  We are sorry to hear that Jordan Willard is in the hospital in Springfield and pray for his swift recovery; many people signed a get-well card for him.

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