Little Creek

Here it is news time again and it caught me unaware. Doesn’t time fly?

My niece, Robyn is here cleaning and doing laundry. I always look forward to Mondays for then we catch up on news of the weekend. Robyn is with me Monday through Wednesday and is my good right hand. She urges me to eat and then fixes breakfast and we have therapy sessioins after she gets all the work done. I’m thankful for Robyn.

This is the “thankful” season. The harvest is done, winter’s wood cut, and everyone is anticipating winter and holidays. I am thankful for so many things and especially my friends and my Savior. I never knew I had so many friends, but they have been there for me and my family. I am afraid to name any for fear of leaving someone out. I have letters started, but I am slow at getting things done. Anyway, appreciate all my readers and friends.

My friend, Barb Smith, came by Sunday night after work bringing me some special onions. They are big and good. We had a good visit. I appreciate Barb for she has been a loyal friend for several years.

Kevin, Joseph and Karen spent the best part of Saturday with me. Karen replaced an electric outlet, changed batteries in squeaking fire alarms and helped Kevin and Jo put in a stainless steel stove pipe on my pellet stove to replace a cheap one that had holes in it. Kevin also brushhogged around making my place look a lot better. We all ate spaghetti and enjoyed being together.

Burl Conrad is such a good friend. He came by one evening to bring me a fish dinner. He does these good deeds randomly and I wanted to say I appreciate it and acknowledge Burl’s Christian acts of kindness.

Charlie brought me green tomatoes, bell peppers and squash and Jim Tuner brought me a large bell pepper and a different pepper. I am truly blessed.

Kim just called this morning. It was a blessing to me to get to talk to her. She has been in bad health lately and I worry. Her birthday is the 15th. She and J.J. just celebrated 9 years of marriage. They went to Branson and took the train ride down into Arkansas.

I don’t remember if I wrote that Jody and Megan spent a Friday with me. Jody put a fan up in my bedroom and Megan and I got acquainted. She is going to school now and is very smart. She enjoyed playing with my quilt blocks, but when it came time to put them up, the enjoyment ended.

I went to quilting club for dinner. I enjoyed being with friends, but it was good to get back home. It is getting hard for me to be away from home and my comfort zone and harder getting around. My knees and legs are failing me.

My sweet niece, Trice, called me because she was worried. We talked and reminisced. She urges me to write my book ending and get it done reminding me of the song” Grandma Tell Me About The Good Old Days.” I wonder if I could somehow word that differently and use as my title. Any suggestions?

Speaking of good old days, not many of us still living who remember those good times of way back when – outdoor privies were scattered around by every house and school houses and churches and smoke was coming out of every chimney and when there were very few cars on the road, and the creek was our swimming pool.

Have you lived long enough to remember: when eggs were 10 cents a dozen, bread was 5 cents, when an airplane was a thing of amazement, when people lived from what they truly earned, people thought twice before spending a dollar, when the old catalogues were as necessary as the new ones, to remember Eddie Cantor, Ma Perkins, Till the Toiler, or the Katzenjammer kids, the real “oldies” of radio, Jack Benny, Judy and Jane, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, the soaps of the era, the big Sunday dinners at Grandmas, the music parties and a time of no electricity and blessedly no cell phones or so called smart phones? Was that a long time ago or only yesterday?

Well, this Monday is a brand new day, time for getting project underway, each day’s a coin to spend on earth, resolving to get my money’s worth.