Little Creek

I’m attempting to write some thing for my paper, but it’s hard sometimes to write when there hasn’t been any good news to write about. I have been dealing with a loss I never imagined I’d have and then bam, another tragic loss. I have watched Brandon grow up and baby sat him. He was always coming up with funny and unforgettable things. He changed his name for a few months and we neither one could remember the new name he chose and Brandon stuck with him. He was precious and is precious in the good memories we have of him, as is my son. Kasey is with me in the things he always came by to do for me, the meals we’ve shared and now with Thanksgiving coming soon he will be the one missing from my home. I remember a Thanksgiving not long ago when we had our family dinner a day early at my daughter’s house. On Thanksgiving morning here is Kasey telling me to get ready we’re going out for dinner. We found a restaurant open and enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings on the correct day. I will miss him all the days of my life.

Now another special person in my life was suddenly taken to a better place, although it devastates her family and friends. Tammy and I could talk for hours. We were soul buddies. I had not been around her much in the last few years, but I remember our trips to Springfield and our days together at quilting club. She married my best friend. Bob, I’m sorry.

This past year has taken it’s toll. Newt and Leon were men not soon forgotten. They lived life on their terms and we will remember the good times together.

As those dear to us leave us here to cope and our loss is hard, we must somehow find a way to again enjoy life and to count our blessings. We have loved ones left we will live for and I will some how try to write something each week.

I judged the chili contest last night with Steve Clayton and John Turner and John said something that spurred me on to attempt to send in something, even if it isn’t news. He said to my son and I overheard, “Can’t miss those Little Creek items.” I never imagined him reading my contributions. So John, here goes and we did a good job don’t you think? And Phyllis, I’m sorry I didn’t know you. I forget these days. My daughter told me who you were as you were leaving. Anyway, I’ll explain. Kasey had planned a chili cook off for this Halloween and it was to be, as it was, a family affair with the kids involved. So although it was hard Karen and Greg decided to follow through with Kasey’s and their plans and start an annual chili cook off in Kasey’s memory. So next year there will be the 2nd Kasey Taber Memorial Chili Cook Off. There were 6 pots of chili to judge and they were all good. The two bands played into the night and with two open fires and no wind it wasn’t too cold. I left early in order to go to church today, but a problem kept me home. If I’m here for next year’s event I’ll make a pot of chili and maybe out do Tim and Wendy’s winning pot. If I can some how learn their secret ingredient and I think I know how because Tim talked a little too much. And maybe next year we can add a country band. Just a thought. I like both kinds of music.

Anyway that seems to be my big news event and it was good to be with friends and rejoice in memories and togetherness.

I find myself living my yesterdays as time flys by, 85 years of yesterdays. I find solace in memories as my days come and go. Sometimes the sky is bright and fair and sometimes dull and gray. Sometimes a peal of laughter rings out as across a lonely plain. But sometimes all the air is still, with silence deep as pain. But every day will not be dark and this I often say, the flowers all will bloom again that died in yesterday. I know that after the storm comes a beautiful rainbow. After the pain comes blessed relief. After the problems comes His solution and after the sadness comes His sweet peace.

May God bless us all!