The trick or treaters had a cold night to get out. We sure enjoyed all of ours. Twenty-four kids and thirty some adults. Remember us next year.

November 6, 7 and 8 James will preach at Victory Church and pray for a good spiritual revival on O hwy. off hwy. 14 between Ozark and Sparta. Everyone welcome. No dress code there, casual dress if you want. It’s a friendly church wanting a good revival. We desire your prayers and support.

Janie Morrison went to Urgent Care Saturday. Her niece, Phyllis Bloomer took her and was with her Sunday when I called.

Tuesday James and I stopped by to visit Iona Maggard and she was gone to the doctor, maybe next time we can catch her.

Chad and Amanda Medley and son, Brady Rowland, visited James and me Saturday evening then to Springfield to meet his parents from Dadeville for dinner in Springfield. Amanda is our niece.

Mylea, Sawyer, Stevie and Trenton were lucky youth hunters. They are kids who attend Garrison Church.

Sympathy to Eugene Maggard, his 15 year old son was killed while riding a skateboard. He is Marvin and Diane (Gideon) Guerin’s grandson.

Lou Rains’ sister, the former Annie Barr passed away.

Garrison Church had very good services. The message was from St. John 5:39 and Psalm 139:23-24.

Sunday night the sermon was based from II Chronicles 7:12,13, and 14 and our Sunday school director and wife did a great job before services.

Jerry Nelson and Juanita Powell had Crissie Coaltrain, her brother, Michael Morrison and Raina Powell all spend Halloween night with them.

Bob and Lou Rains’ grandkids had a successful youth hunt.

I dread the long day on Tuesday for the election. I hope we have a good turn out. It sure helps the long day pass fast. The ones I work with are nice people, but we all get tired. The government always wants to change something, why can’t it be cutting the hours down.

Remember who is in control. God is from the beginning to the end.