Black Jack Church

We gathered together today and began our service with prayer requests.  These needs were taken before the throne of God before we dismissed for Sunday School.  The adult class continued in the study of the first chapter of Ruth.  Therein we saw that before we opt to leave our current situations hoping to find greener pastures, we need to consult God to listen to what He would have us to do.  Elimelech, Naomi and their two sons left a famine in Israel in hopes of finding their needs met in a pagan, foreign land then known as Moab.  If God sends one to an ungodly land to fulfill His purpose, then His will should be done.  Here, Elimelech was not following a call from God but was about taking care of a problem/need his way thus putting himself and his family out of the will of God.  He did not stay in the land of promise God provided.  Unless we hear from God, we need to stay where He put us until called elsewhere and to do what He asked us to do until directed otherwise.

Gabby Lewis and Charlie Driskoll sang a special.  We were in need for Trustees and this matter was taken care of following discussion and election.   We welcomed four people into our church family before dismissing.  We then enjoyed a wonderful dinner and time of fellowship before beginning the Bible study on Revelation 12.  Please join us at Black Jack Church as the Lord would lead.  Services begin at 10:00 a.m. with dinner at noon.  Bible study will begin around l:30 p.m.  God bless you all.