Little Creek

It is Saturday morning and I had just finished watching the sewing shows and was surprised with a visit from my “other” sister, Audrey and Jim Turner. I am beginning to have plenty of sisters, but you can’t have too many. Lorene requested us three Degase girls be her sisters and we were more than happy to claim this privilege. But now Audrey might not think this a good deal. We, Jean and Jo and I adopted Jim as our brother so we would have Audrey as our sister. So we chose her. Of course I have close sisters in Christ, whom I cherish. So “hello” to all my sisters.

Jim, Audrey and I had a good visit and I am promised a honey dew melon soon.

I will apologize for the repeats in last weeks paper, but I was writing from notes and I didn’t remember that I had written certain paragraphs before. Anyway maybe they deserved the repeat.

And I guess I mistakenly wrote that Betty’s my granddaughters were cousins when it should have been grandmothers. And I left off the s, talking of my sisters, not sister. I make mistakes.

I have to start my items early or they don’t get written.

Terry came Friday night. We cried together and laughed together. She needs prayer. She doesn’t sleep much.

Jody and Keisha had been to see her Thursday night and Monica with baby. Rylee has been with her this weekend helping with a yard sale.

Karen has been with me several times and picks up things for me. She calls me every day and more often than that. All my kids call and come by.

Christine, my step-daughter, called me one night and talked me out of being blue. She always has me laughing. She and Robyn say I am their soul buddy. I am honored.

Charlie came Thursday with cucumbers. He was blessed with a bountiful garden.

Kevin and Donna came by Friday morning. It was so good to visit a while with them.

And my sweet little long ago student, Candy Lane, came by last Wednesday and we had a good time together. She wanted me to see a quilt she pieced and quilted by hand. It is amazing at the tiny even stitches she made especially since she laid it out on the floor and pinned it and then quilted it on her on lap. It is a king size and is beautiful. I don’t know how she did it, but Candy has always been an amazingly talented lady and is one of my favorite friends.

Dyanna Degase came Monday morning and cheered me up. She is also a very special sweet friend and church sister.