“Sing unto the Lord for he hath done excellent things, this is known in all the earth,” Isaiah 12:5.

Gary and I this week have been going to Springfield to see his mother, Maxine Turner, in the hospital. One day we stopped in at South Cox Hospital and visited with Raymond Bricker.

There was another lightning storm on Wednesday. We sure have had a lot of them.

Sympathy to the Connie Brown family. She passed on Wednesday in Theodosia at home. I went to her memorial service Sunday night. Her son, Scott, knows and is friends with my cousin, Paul Roberts, that lives in Kennewick, Washington and said Paul is raising goats now.

I would like our borders closed, drug free mandatory drug screening before welfare. No freebies to non-citizens for we are people that have been born and raised in the U.S. and don’t get free healthcare or anything else.

Have a great week and help someone.