Little Creek

I love you all my many friends for your loving support. I am heartbroken, but much love surrounds me, my faith sustains me and certain hope for a happy reunion encourages me.

This is the hardest contribution to the paper that I have ever written, but I must write for my friends and send my appreciation to them and all for everything. There are so many and I fear I might leave someone’s name out, so forgive me.

All the beautiful cards, flowers and love offerings makes me understand that my friends and family want to help somehow and I’d like to assure them that the prayers of so many lessens my sorrow each day and one day at a time. The food was good and appreciated and the visits helped me through the hardest trial I’ve ever had to face.

Kasey was a special son, my baby boy, sent to us late in life and a gift from God. I thank my Lord for the years I had with him and I will grieve until I’m with him again. Kasey left a huge imprint on our hearts. And as Ruby Lee says, that big ole’ onery Kasey grin will be remembered and Kasey will never be forgotten.

Kasey always wanted a family and he loved his wife, Terry Ann, and his “kids” and he adored his grand baby, Rylee. Please keep them in your prayers.

I was blessed with a visit one Saturday from my cousin, Betty Burton. She is my sister-in-Christ. Lynda and Rex were good enough to bring Betty up from Harrison, AR. They went four wheeling on Glade Top and we had all day together reminiscing.

Betty has always been there for my family when anything was needed and she shared a special bond with Daddy that she told me about. We had a marvelous, although, sad day together remembering butcherings, silo fillings and of a time that will never be again.

Betty’s granddaughter and mine were first cousins, but James DeGase said it like this, “Well, Betty always thought she was a DeGase.” The DeGase family was honored to call her a member of our family, as we still do.

My sweetheart friend, June Stewart, came after church one Sunday and spent precious time with me. And I will never leave out Hester Tidwell, a special neighbor and friend. I have been supported by my sister, my nieces and nephews and so many friends. I should stop for fear of leaving someone out unintentionally, such as my immediate family, Stan and Marsha Collins and Daniel, Dustin Stout, Kirk and Toni Clinkingbeard. My Kasey looked beautiful and at peace.

Saturday was a day reminding me of many days long gone when neighbors helped neighbors.

Many, many friends and family gathered at Kasey and Terry’s home and finished putting siding and part of the roof on leaving, underpinning and part of the roof to do this Saturday.

J.J. Smith, my son-in-law, James DeGase and Mark Blakey supervised and worked, Dustin Stout iniciated the working and friends and relatives came together for one last thing they could do to honor Kasey. Ruby Lee and Kim brought cookout food and many side dishes were supplied by church member and friends.

Kasey would be grateful and I have heard him say a few times before, “you never know who your friends are until there’s help needed.” He also would understand those who couldn’t be there.

I can’t think of everyone visiting. Charlie Satterfield was one, sister Jo and nephew Randall Delp, James and Karen DeGase (they also came one day with a bucket of fish) and so many came that I can’t put it all together right now, but I love and appreciate you every one.

Marlin and Brenda Tucker came to help one day and help they did. I am so afraid I’ll leave someone out so I will close my article with a huge appreciation and assure you that I do remember you all and my love and prayer will include you each one who helped and are healing in any way.

My sister Jean gave me news that she and Jim and Danny and Jamie went to dinner out and a beautiful drive.

Both my sisters went to Springfield for glasses Monday.

My appointment got delayed way past time because the new help in the office didn’t send me a card, as has always been done before and now I have an appointment with my good doctor over six months late. With glacoma check-ups that is unpardonable. I’m so irritated.

Jo Delp had family visiting for Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’, Brian and family, Kelly Jo, Scotty and others possibly. I couldn’t talk to her today.

Until later, keep one another close and as River Stillwood is challenging us to pass on acts of kindness, I am doing.