Heart of the Ozarks

Hello from our home to your home, on our latest van ride our driver, Darrell Isaacs, took us up the long, winding highway fourteen up to Dogwood Hill. At every crest we thought it was the top, but it was not so! It had been quite some time since I had been all the way from Ava to Dogwood. I had forgotten just how long it was to the top. At the top we turned down “O” highway to reach Goodhope and refreshed our memory along the way by passing Red Bank Church and the Red Bank Store. Years ago where “O” highway has a sway, some ladies and I were going to Martha Reynold’s house for a missions meeting and came up on higher water at this swag. The water had swept a car down the creek by it’s swiftness. A big truck was there and helped us across. He had rescued the lady in the car and her child. It was a cement low water bridge then, but has been filled and raised since then and much safer. Goodhope Cemetery is a lovely place of eternal rest. It is really taken care of so well and had a gazebo in which to rest. Goodhope Store is no longer a store, but Mr. Herrell sells watermelons and garden produce. It called to rememberance many of the old-timers of the past, Hazys and Maize Melton, Ezra and Amey Mitchell, Olive Hamilton and Bill and Erica Stafford. Many old friends, dear in our hearts, but time makes changes and now we are the old-timers in Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center and out for a ride to see how it feels to be out and about. It refreshed us in many ways and we were back in time for lunch.

Thursday morning Connie and Ruth Evans surprised us by promoting a Pokeeno game. It had been some time since we had enjoyed Pokeeno.

Ruth Evans was with us today and sorting out a jigsaw puzzle for us to put together. We always like to start by putting the border together, so they must be sorted out first. It is for all to work on, so sit down and do your best.

As I got the paper this week, Friday morning I decided to go outside and read my favorite columns and was surprised by the coolness of the breeze, really it felt like Autumn.

This is the beginning of Labor Day weekend. The last summer holiday. I hope everyone had a good time. Good music is being presented in the dining room. It will go on until lunch time. It seems awfully quiet here this Sunday. I expect many are going out for a few days this Labor Day weekend.

It is cool and nice this morning. We were blessed with rain this weekend.

We would like to welcome Opal Singleton, Sherwood Aid and Wanda Agee to our home.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the family of Rick Nelson. He will be greatly missed in our home.

Congratulations to Don Nelson and Carl Smith on getting to go home this week.

God bless you from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.