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The midway point of August will pass this week, and summer weather is with us. We could use a good shower of rain.

School buses soon will be rolling by, and fall weather will bring leaves turning pretty colors. It’s time for the wild grapes and paw paws before too long. Wild animals will eat their share as they are hungry for them. Happy Aug. 18th birthday to Dave Davis, just a week away.

Anna Larson is home after surgery, I was told. Best wishes to her. Also prayers are for Maxine Smith’s recovery from her car accident and injuries. Her son and grandsons were here fixing a ramp at her doorstep, and daughter Marsha Hallam from Tempe, Arizona, is here.

Doris Treiber visited me Wednesday before her appointment to get her little dog cared for at Debbie Eslinger’s.

The Friendly Neighbors Extension Club met at Karen N. Davis’ home Thursday instead of the health center basement. Present were members Alice Hurley, Lily Branco, Linnie Ingram, Edith McKinnon, Lynn Bentele, hostess Karen and Renee Hambelton from the Extension office.

Prayers are for Peggy Helms as she has problems with her knee and her husband Robert is a patient in Baxter Regional Medical Center’s rehab center or special care facility. Her sister helped them bring Robert home for a day last week. Peggy had a birthday, and they had an anniversary recently.

Liberty Baptist Church will host the ladies prayer brunch this Saturday at 10 a.m.

The Marlyn Pitcocks from Forsyth have spent 10 days on a visit with his sister Kristin Luebbert in Tillamook, Oregon, returning this Thursday. Granddaughter, McKayla accompanied them for her first visit to the West Coast.

Dana Taylor spent Saturday and Sunday at the Hardy, Arkansas, flea market with her mom, Karen K. Davis.

My great-niece Andrea Hansen in Springfield works in Evangel’s regional office that directs missions in Africa, and when the African people visited in Springfield this past week Andrea welcomed them and shook hands with the representative from Guana, which was an unusual experience for her. She has been on mission trips to different countries also through the years. Andrea is the granddaughter of the late Lloyd and Edith Adamson.

Do you suppose “opened by mistake” may more often apply to mouths than to mail?

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