St. Francis Church

Sunday, July 27 was the Sixth Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Epistle for the day, Romans 6:3, “Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized unto his death?”  This is the Christian concept of salvation, which is diffucult to explain to non-Christians.  Being baptized into Christ’s death means we are one with him: we were spiritually dead before, but after baptism we are now alive and death has no more power.  Christ died once for sins so we are dead to sin, but alive in Christ and baptism is the public rite through which we are visibly made part of Christ’s church.

Bishop Hartley is encouraging us to submit favorite hymns to be sung during Trinity and during coffee hour after church we enjoyed bread pudding provided by Rita and discussed hymns and several made lists for the Bishop to use in selecting our hymns.

Saturday I drove to Springfield and enjoyed dinner at Gilardi’s then went on the the Springfield Contemporary Theater in the Wilhoit Plaza building to attend a performance of “The Spitfire Grill” a musical that I was not familiar with, but it turned out to be an excellent play with very beautiful music by composer James Valcq which as usual was very well performed by an excellent cast.

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