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This week has been a busy one for this family due to the passing of our family/friend, Carl Peak. Our family grieves for our loss, but rejoice for Carl’s relief from pain and suffering. We celebrated his life on Monday then the family honored us with their presence at our home for supper that evening. We all visited and shared stories about Carl and the family while having an evening meal. We visited with loved ones we had not seen for a long time.

Monday night Connie Davis graced us with her overnight presence and we talked until almost sun up. We caught up on a lot of lost time.

On Sunday, Jack and Barbara Breshears, drove to Clinton, Mo. where they visited with Uncle Hugh and Aunt Violet Morris then spent the night in Clinton and visited some more on Monday morning and got some really good pictures of the lovebirds, even after being married for 75 years. It was so sweet to see the pictures.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed lunch with Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, and Noah Deatherage.

Well, we hope to have a calmer week this week so until next week, just keeping looking up.

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