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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Saturday, August 23, we had a Ladies Day Conference titled, “What’s In Your Purse?”  Most of the ladies were involved in some way with decorating, food, or presenting.  The conference was planned and organized by Lois Flageolle and Sandy Housley.  This was a great event.  We had games, prizes, music, a special song by Sharon Renfrow, a program with slides on Israel and Cyprus- by Virginia Serghides from a trip that she went on with husband, Tony; Lois had handouts and discussions on women in the Bible and a devotion on Proverbs 31, and Sandy started the morning with a great reading on what’s in your purse.  We should all plan to de-clutter our purses, like we should de-clutter our lives, for example-we should get rid of clutter like bad attitudes and anything that might interfere with with doing positive work for the Lord. I appreciate so much for the great day and all the hard work to Lois and Sandy.

Today’s prayer list is long, but we do have some praise items:  Shelby Moore’s ankle-he got a good check up from the doctor and Tony Serghides was very pleased with his recent eye surgery.  Prayer requests are:  Ethan (Sandy’s grandson), Tammi Housley, Bernice Peterson, Jerry Lee, Darrell and Bernice Price, Bernice’s sister Imogene Williams, Ernie Dodson, Vic Mills, members who are traveling, Madison Alexander, Francis Marler, Kaye Garrison, Barbara Tate, people all over the world, situations like Ferguson, Mo., and many unspoken requests.  Special prayers that the building project will go smoothly and in God’s Will.

Specials by  the choir, Sharon Renfrow and daughter Sherry Dugger.

Shelby Moore read a card from Chelsie Jones thanking the church for school supplies for her first teaching job at the Cabool Elementary.

Chelsie Jones did  Children’s Church today.

Birthdays:  Bernice Price, Lois Flageolle, Vic Mills, and Everett Jenkins.

Anniversary:  Norman and Phyllis Virtue.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Men’s breakfast-September 4th at 7 a.m.  General Board meeting on September 7th.  September 7th at 10 a.m.-Grandparents Day breakfast with the youth providing part of the service.  September 20- 9 a.m. Annual Trap Shoot.  October 4th– Hartville Women’s Conference-registrations available.

Bro. Rick’s Sermon:  Colossians 1: 16-17.  “All things were created by Him, and for Him (God)”.  When all things are mentioned, that means nothing is left out.  Everything in Life has a purpose.  Things may look like trash, but everything can have a purpose.  He gave an example of packing a gun to mail, and he used two aerosol cans to protect each end and the package.  God used things in the Bible, for example, Moses’ rod to turn into a snake; he used chickens, ravens, a storm, the wind, fishes and loaves, a donkey that talked, etc. Even a broken mill stone was used to kill the King of Israel.  God can use anything.  God can use each of us, so let’s find our job and get it done.  He explained that God could fix this mess on earth-we could all be like robots, we could be pre-programmed, and not have to think at all.  But this is not what he wants from us.  God made man to have dominion over all things, but that doesn’t mean that we own it.  God wants us to make choices that will bring glory to his name.  God is using each of us if we want him to or not.  No one is useless; we each have a purpose, so we must try to fulfill the reason we are here on earth, and serve the Lord.

Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.  Visitors are always welcome!

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