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Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  Well, it’s been quite a while since I visited with you last.  Between teaching a class in Bible school, having lots of company and having a bit of illness going on in my life, I’m sorry to say that my article missed out on getting written.

Tomorrow is the last day of July.  It doesn’t seem possible that our summer is almost over and fall will be here soon.  School will begin again around the fifteenth of August.  Teachers are already very busy preparing for that.  They do not get to have as much free vacation time as the school kids.

The Bible school at Red Bank went very well.  It was a joy to teach the children on the subject of who Jesus really is.  It is Biblical fact that He is God’s only Begotten Son as part of the Triune God Head which consist of, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.  The Scriptures reveal that Jesus was actually God incarnate.  God, being Spirit took on flesh to walk on this earth to be able to relate to man that He loved them so much that He was willing to pay the price of death for their sin through His Son, Jesus. (Luke 1:30-37; John 1:14; Matthew 22-23; Isaiah 7:14).

Red Bank Church service began with hymns led by Jake Hampton.  Jerry Huff provided a welcome to members and guests.  A Bible School report was given by Alice Lirley.   She also thanked all those who worked to plan and teach the Bible lessons, lead the children’s music, provide the structured art work and game time and worked in the kitchen to provide snacks and lunch for the children and workers.

Brother Lauren brought the morning message from Luke 12:54, which teaches us to keep our eyes upon Jesus no matter what the circumstances might be because as Jesus taught in this scripture, the time of his coming could be at any instant.  We seem to be able to predict the weather from the signs in the sky, but pay no attention to the signs that God tells us to watch for at His coming.  Jesus said in verse 56, “Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time.”

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Gates enjoyed a family reunion in North Missouri last weekend.

Visiting with Gary and me last week were Mark, Mitzi, Ben and Jessi Fawcett.  Jessi, our 15 year old granddaughter, also helped us work in Bible school.  She also talked to the children about her experience of being a summer missionary in Mexico, South Dakota and other places.  She told them about helping in back yard Bible schools, as well as, in church Bible schools.  She expressed her concern for the many children and adults she met that did not know about Jesus and His great love for them.  The children were awed that one so young could be a missionary.  We taught them how to be a missionary in their own back yard.

Gary and I were overjoyed to hear that our grandson, Ben Fawcett, had surrendered to the ministry.  Ben just graduated from high school this June.  He is gifted in music and believes God is calling him to become a Minister of Music.  Our daughter, Mitzi, her husband, Mark, along with Jessi and Ben sang special music for Gary and me on Thursday evening before they had to leave on Friday morning.  It was beautiful.  Each one sang solo’s in each of the selections of music they chose.  It was such a blessing.

That’s all the news for now folks.  Take care.  The real blessings of life do not come in dollar bills.  They come straight from God.

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