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8-25-14. Well, hello again. This is hot and thunderstormy weather. We’re getting summer weather at the end of August, but like I always say, it could be worse. They are letting schools out today because of the heat. I feel sorry for the school kids and faculty when it’s so hot. We got some really good rain yesterday and we really needed it. The grass was mostly brown. I’ve only got two pots of flowers this year and watering them when they need it.

We had an especially good weekend. It was raining hard Saturday morning then quit so we went to Muscatine and ate a late lunch at Lisa’s Restaurant where we met Anita, Carl, Jacob, Jared, Carrie, Zoie, Trevis and very special guests, my sister-in-law, Maxine Lund and her husband, Jim from Seymour, MO. It had been sixteen years since they were up here for my son’s funeral. Anita took them sight-seeing that morning up in Betterndorf, Iowa where we used to live. It was a farm place back then, but now it’s all big houses and concrete now. I can’t even tell exactly where we lived. I know, it called “progress”, but do they have to progress everything? Couldn’t they leave some of it alone? I guess not, but we really did have a very nice visit with the folks from Seymour and my family as well. Lisa had taken the day off so we didn’t’ get to see her. She works every day so she needs to take a day off once in a while to be with Joe and do things together. They had been to the races the night before and didn’t get home until late. Maxine and Jim went home early Sunday morning. I sent her a message last night and she said they got home okay.

After we left there we went on over to the Moose Lodge to Joe’s birthday and retirement party. There were a lot of people there, but I didn’t know most of them. Joe’s wife, Renee is Walt’s niece so some of his relatives were there. Renee’s brother, Mark Allison, was there. We were glad to see him again as it had been a while. Their sister, Shirley’s son, and I don’t even know his name, but I remembered him because we went to his wedding a few years ago. Renee’s daughter, Rachel, was there and I’m always glad to see her. Walt knew a few more people than I did. That was our big weekend. It might not sound like much to anyone else, but we enjoyed it.

We have to get up really early in the morning and get on up to his army doctor in Bettendorf, then back by Lujack’s in Davenport to get some service done to the car. We’re supposed to have showers and thunderstorms every day this week and weekend. The rain will be nice, but not the storms.

Well, I will say bye, bye for now and take care of yourselves.

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