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8-11-14. Almost half over already?

We had a nice week and weekend. Wednesday the 6th was Walt’s birthday. Per his wishes we stayed home and relaxed. Then on Saturday we went to Lisa’s Restaurant in Muscatine where we met his daughter, Berta, her fiancee, Denny, my daughter, Anita, and her husband, Carl and Anita’s Dad, Trevis. We were hoping the rest of the family could be there, but they couldn’t so we’ll lunch with them at another time.

Walt got some nice cards, gifts and phone calls. He got calls from his brother, Frank Dee, in Silvis, IL., Sister Cora from Geneseo, IL., sister Hazel from Columbia, MO., daughter, Berta, daughter, Mona (Berta in East Moline, IL. and Mona in Ozark, MO.) daughter-in-law, Sharon in East Moline. He received a text from Anita in Muscatine, IA., a call from his nephew, Mitch Allison from Ava, MO. who was on his way to Connecticut to work. He will be in charge of the mechanics who keep the president’s planes in working order. Quite a responsibility, but he can do it. He is also a war hero getting the air medal before he retired from the service.

Walt wanted me to bake him a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday. So I made two. One for a cake and the other cupcakes. Thank goodness it turned out good, not knowing for sure how many would be there I wanted to have plenty.

Walt stopped at the store after we got there and got three cartons of ice cream, so we had plenty left.

I fixed up a plate for Lisa with two pieces of cake and a pile of ice cream. Then before we left we gave the rest of the cupcakes and ice cream to the staff. They were happy to get it. One guy that goes by “Mr. Wonderful” (because when you ask how he is, he always says, “wonderful, just call me ‘Mr. Wonderful’.) He does all kinds of work in there and he followed us out to the parking lot, wishing Walt a happy birthday and thanking us for the cake and saying it was really good and wanting to know who made it. He’s a nice guy. All of her staff are nice.

We had a busy month last month and another busy one this month. I guess it’s good for us. Keeps us moving around. We still haven’t got around to walking any. There’s place we can walk to in town if we would just get started. They’ve got a really huge garden planted just over the fence from the apartments so I told him we need to walk over there and look at everything and see if the tomatoes are ripe. It’s a community garden and anybody in town can get the food.

When we go to the Quad Cities Wednesday for our monthly visit we’re suppose to meet more of his family for lunch that couldn’t be there Saturday in Muscatine, so tha’t will be nice.

I got some terrible new from my cousin, Edna of Nixa, Mo. about her husband, Bill. They were picking a few blackberries on a steep hill and he fell down it and had a really huge place swell up on his hip and solid purple. She took him to the hospital. They said it was bleeding in there and pooling up in a big muscle. Then at home he passed out and she took him back and his blood pressure and pulse was extremely low. They couldn’t get it up so they called in his heart dr. and right away he put in a pacemaker and said he stiched up 8 layers after he got it in there. He thought Bill will be alright now. I’ve been praying my hardest for them. I know so well what she’s going through too.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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