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7-27-14. There goes July 2014, never to return. Right now the weather is great. Couldn’t be better if it tried. It’s in the sixties, sunny and a cool breeze. We just got back from doing a little shopping and it was so nice when we went through the shades.

Not much going on this past week. I think it was Tuesday when I got a call from the place in Conn. that sends the heart monitors and wanted me to call when I got it so they could help me, so I did and they did help me, so now I will wear it for a month. When one of the numbers get up to two I have to call them and put the phone receiver on a spot and let them read it through the phone. It’s amazing what they do with phones.

My daughter sent me a text last week and said she’d been to her eye doctor and he said she had good vision. And of course, that was very good news. I sent her a text one day and said, “How highs the water, daughter?” and she said Jared’s yard is squishy now, but they still couldn’t use their water or bathroom. I forgot to ask her what happened to the fish. I told him one time he could charge people to fish in his back yard. Ha. Of course, I’ve been worried about the flooding and his and his families flooding, and Anita’s eyes and Walt and I both were really worried when Frank Dee Allison was having all his bad health problems and just the every day worries a person goes through. (Like when my friend of over 40 years passed.) That really bothered me. I know these are things everybody goes through. What I’m getting at, is I think all that together was what was causing my heart to act up. I’ve been through this more than once when I have a lot of anxiety.

Good news – I just heard on the news that the crops are doing good. I know they do look good every where we go. We really enjoy seeing the corn and beans when they’re so pretty and green.

We talked to niece, Renee, over the weekend. We heard she had to go to the hospital the first day at her new job at Alsteel in Muscatine. She said they thought she’d had a heart attack and sent her to the hospital, but they told her there she had pulled something while doing jobs she wasn’t used to doing.  She said she’s having a birthday and retirement party combined for husband, Joe. It’s at the Moose Lodge in Muscatine on the 23rd. I don’t know if we’ll be able to go, but I hope so. We love Renee and like Joe an awful lot. We just met him one time, but he seemed really nice and they seem happily married.

I was writing this last night after I went to bed and kept dozing off and making a mess so I had to do it over today. I better quit and get it into the mailbox. So as ever, take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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