It seems to take me a week or so to get settled back in after these little trips.  It makes me realize that I’m not as young as I used to be!  Last weekend we traveled up to Sedalia to the State Fair for the State Fiddle Championship.  Thankfully the heat wasn’t as bad as we expected and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  At the last minute, my Mother decided to go with us and we all had a glorious time.  This was the first time we had ever been up to the State Fair and what a treat it was!  The fiddle contest was a big hit, Trustin Baker, the reigning Junior Missouri Champion, took first place and Savannah Shannon, from Olga, took second place in the Junior division.  Once the contest was over, the fun really began with finding suitable rides.  At what age do you stop riding on fair rides?  That time for me has long passed, so Mom and I were happy to just stand and watch the fun, smell the glorious food and enjoy the day.  Fair food is not to be ignored so we shared several things including fried oreos, bbq brisket, funnel cake, and cotton candy.  No wonder it took me a week to re-cooperate.

I hope everyone has been staying cool in this latest heat wave.  So far we’ve done well to not lose any critters to the heat and that is such a blessing.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we have some rain and cooler temperatures to look forward to soon.  The pasture is drying up and the cows have begun to get creative with what they eat in terms of the brush.  We finally broke down and put some hay out for them this week.

There was some excitement in Olga this week that I get to share with you thanks to Nicholas Inman who wrote about it for me to pass along…..

The Dogwood Church of the Nazarene Reunion Luncheon was held at the Fire Station on Z Highway this last week.  This gathering was for those who had attended church at Dogwood, allowing everyone a chance to fellowship and reminisce.  The reunion began with Nicholas Inman giving a welcome and leading a moment of silence, followed by the reading of the members who have gained their eternal reward.  Then, Rev. L.V. Holmes (former pastor of the church) led the blessing over the potluck meal.  After enjoying a bountiful meal, Rev. Bob Huskey (former pastor of the church) began with sharing of Dogwood memories.  Those sharing special stories and remembrances were Rev. L.V. Holmes, Erma Lee Lupton, Bobby Joe Myers, Joyce Inman, Carol Greene, Eva Lawrence, Mary Swearengin, Nicholas Inman and Joanie Baxter.  Following this time of memories, Mary Swearengin, Stella Fitzgerald, Nicholas Inman and Erma Lee Lupton sang. This was a song that they sang so often at the Dogwood Church.  The reunion ended with Rev. Bob Huskey closing in prayer.  Cards were signed for Zella Haynes and Violet Lakey, who were unable to be present.  In addition to those named above, the following were in attendance:  Johnny and Diana Nichols, Allen Nichols, Edwin Greene and family (daughters Lisa and Theresa), Jerry and Jeri Inman, Linda Myers, Ella Huskey, Mrs. L.V. Holmes, Sarah Inman, Jeanee (Inman) Mitchell and children, Wanda Short, Jay Inman and Darrell Thorne.  Erma Lee Lupton and Mary Swearengin brought pictures for everyone to look at, many of which showed much of the history of the Dogwood Church.  It was a great afternoon and apprecation to everyone who cleaned and made preparations for the gathering.

Joyce Inman (former author of this column) asked me to mention that the Weter family recently held a reunion luncheon at Rosie Jo’s Café in Ozark.  This was a luncheon for the descendants of Frank and Laura Bell (Myers) Weter.  Those present for the lunch included:  Marion Kolar (son of Hazel (Weter) Workman), Jeannie Farmer (granddaughter of Hazel Workman), Ray and Sherilyn Weter (son of Charlie Weter), Jacque (Weter) Neuenschwander (daughter of Charlie Weter), Mary Adeline (Weter) Coffer (daughter of Mike Weter), Junior and Joyce Inman (grandson of Bessie (Weter) Inman Loomis), Donna Weter and Doug (granddaughter of Mike Weter), Georgia Weter (daughter-in-law of Mike Weter), Laura (Weter) Moree and Greg Hatley (daughter of Woodrow Weter), Connie Estep (daughter of Woodrow Weter), Jeanette (Inman) Alcorn (great granddaughter of Bessie (Weter) Inman Loomis), Nicholas Inman (2nd great grandson of Bessie (Weter) Inman Loomis), Reagan Inman (3rd great granddaughter of Bessie (Weter) Inman Loomis) and Laurie Ford (granddaughter of Mildred (Weter) Walker).  Pictures were shared with everyone from the Weter family and many stories were told.  Following the meal, several traveled to Chadwick to visit the graves of Frank and Laura Bell and other members of the Weter family.  Later, Marie Day opened up the Chadwick Museum for everyone to look through.  There they were joined by Jean Roy (daughter of Mildred Walker) and her family.  Appreciation to Marie for taking time out of her Saturday to open up the museum.

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