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I will finally join everyone else in hoping for some rain.  Our new green grass isn’t looking so green anymore and the places where grass isn’t growing, is fast becoming dust bowls for the chickens to take a dust bath in.  Not that that isn’t fun to watch, but once they roll around in it, it seems to become a fine powder.  Even with the windows closed, it’s getting into the house somehow.  I have to admit, I will never win any housekeeping awards.  With everything there is to keep up with here, some things get overlooked, but wood ash in the winter and the dry spells during the summer can drive me a bit crazy with all the dusting.  Oh, and what is with all the teeny tiny spiders this year?  Am I the only one having issues with them?  Tiny little webs with tiny little spiders that hide easily when the vacuum hose is chasing them, well at least they aren’t huge creepy spiders.

Our horse got into a mess of something this week.  One morning we noticed that she was limping pretty good so we gave her a good look over to find several bites on her back end and both rear legs.  They weren’t snake bites because there was only one puncture wound per bite, but they were pretty good size holes.  In fact, they were too big to be regular hornets and a neighbor told us about these European hornets that are now here in the Ozarks that are several times larger than our regular hornets.  I can only imagine that’s what stung her due to the size and number of stings.  One of the stings was in one of her joints causing her to limp.  We simply doctored them up and let her out with the cows.  After a few days of watching her, the swelling has almost disappeared and she seems to be getting around just fine.  Poor thing, she was miserable for a few days for sure.  The swollen area around one of the stings was the size of a baseball in diameter.  If anyone has any ideas what could’ve done that, please let us know at  We would sure appreciate it.

The past few weeks have been quiet regarding coons and other pests except when we were doctoring the horse, the chickens started up a fuss so loud we could hear it up on the next ridge.  When we returned back to the house, we discovered a guinea pretty roughed up and decided it was from our resident hawk.  Thankfully, he went hungry that day even though the guinea ended up short several feathers.  Never a dull moment it seems.

Life gets so busy with the animals and the garden that there is never enough time to visit friends so I was sure grateful to spend a short hour with a dear friend of mine that I truly enjoy.  Everyone needs one of those friends to sit under a big shade tree with and just relax with a comfortable conversation.  What a treat.  A friend who affirms you, challenges you, and encourages you.  Priceless.

Last weekend was the Mid-American Fiddle Championships in Branson.  Fiddlers came from Minnesota, Texas, Illinois and Oklahoma to compete.  The young man who won first place in the Junior division is the current Junior Grand Master Fiddler of the nation and he is from right here in Missouri, watch for him and his family, The Baker Family, to perform in Ava from time to time.  The young man who won second place won this Championship last year and is currently the Junior Texas State Fiddle Champion.  As you can see, it is a tough competition.  This year, Savannah Shannon from right here in Olga, took third place to these two great young fiddlers and she is beyond thrilled.

We just learned that there will be a fiddle contest at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in Mansfield on September 20th and we really enjoy these local events so if anyone is interested in hearing Savannah play, watch for that coming up.

I tell ya, after all that excitement, it sure is nice to come home and wander through the quiet garden looking for tomato worms.  Nothing like a garden to keep you grounded.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Just the other day someone mentioned how many weeks away Christmas is…..but I won’t spoil your summer with quoting it.

Have a blessed week!

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