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Another glorious day in the Lord, we enjoyed our Sunday school lesson, as always masterfully presented by Bro. Eddie Mayberry. Don’t tell him I said that, it would embarrass him, but he really does do a great job of teaching the adult class each week.

Our morning message was based on the text and teaching of Ephesians chapter 5, “Be Ye Therefore Followers of God.” We looked at examples from the Old Testament of great men of God and their message to the nation of Israel and thereby their message to the world regarding the worship of the only true and living God. Joshua in his declaration, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” And Elijah’s admonition to the nation of Israel, “If the Lord be God, then follow him.”

From Genesis to Revelation the message is the same and should be the same message we bring to our congregation today, as well as our message to the world, “If the Lord be God, and He is, then Follow Him!”

Then our evening message was from the book of Jude, and admonition to the new church of that day which is also one we need to acknowledge today to be aware that false teachings abound, we need to make sure we hold to the true gospel of Jesus Christ and not allow false teachers in our pulpits, or classrooms. The same false teachings of that day are prevalent today, and as Christians we need to, “Earnestly Contend For The Faith.”

This Friday the 29th at 7:00 p.m. will be Fifth Sunday Youth Night at Romance, Bro. Jimmy Kyle will bring the message and Saturday the 30th evening service, Bro. Doyle Turner will bring the message, everyone welcome to both evening services.

Come and join us in worship to the Lord, next Sunday morning at Oak Grove, we will try to make you feel at home and give God the glory.

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